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We are please to provide a rough outline for the October Schedule:


Thursday October 20
3:00 PM – Introduction by Brian Holmes
5:30 PM – Break for food
7:00 PM-- Kolya Abramsky w/ Brian Holmes - "Disentangling the Future from the Past: Internationalism, World revolution and World War." Read this paper beforehand - click here:guest presentation

Friday October 21
3:00 PM – Mackenzie Wark -- guest presentation
Parallel Public Spheres of the American Right -- presentation
5:30 PM – Break for food
7:00 PM -- Maribelle & Sebastian -- Research Riots (or when the Naked City really starts to cut loose)
8:15 PM -- Emily Forman -- presentation
9:30 PM-- Dinner Event

Saturday October 22
1:00PM Zizek on Multitudes – reading discussion
2:00PM Rozalinda Borcila -- presentation
3:00PM Peter Walsh/Marty Lucas -- Public Art and Political resistance -- presentation
4:00PM Richard Gabri / Rene Gabri -- Some Notes on Television and the Gulf War 2.0
5:00PM Brian Holmes -- Network Maps, Energy Diagrams -- presentation

Sunday October 23
2:00PM Jim Costanzo -- Data Map -- presentation
3:00PM Claire Pentecost -- Plastic Greenhouses by the Sea/BH: The Urbanization of Blindness -- presentation
4:00PM Open Slot
5:00PM Brian Holmes -- The Artistic Device (some more reflections on activism & art) -- presentation
8:00PM Closing Debate Everyone

please write to seminars (at) if you are interested in joining us.

We will have the possibility of some evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday, but to get an idea of what the schedule will be, you can have a look at our September session.

We should also note that we are making arrangements to stream the seminar online, so those who are not able to attend can follow and hopefully still participation.

It has been 6 years now since we have been initiating various events, activities and discussions. We have over this time sought opportunities to find partners in organizing small colloquia, workshops, and seminars which taken on a subject in a more focused manner. This collaboration with Brian is further development of this desire for a more concentrated involvement and discussion around a specific set of questions.

We completed the September session and looking forward to part 2. Of course, the second session will include new participants as well as individuals who were able to joing for part 1.
for updates please also visit: