Fisk: Killing Of Sheikh Yassin

Topic(s): Palestine / Israel
Date Posted: 03.25.04

ZNet | Terror War

The Chilling Implications Of This State Killing

by Robert Fisk; March 23, 2004

IT DOESN'T take an awful lot of courage to murder a paraplegic in a wheelchair. But it takes only a few moments to absorb the implications of the assassination of Sheikh Yassin. Yes, he endorsed suicide bombings - including the murder of Israeli children. Yes, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword, in a wheelchair or not. But something went wrong with the narrative of the news story yesterday - and something infinitely more dangerous, another sinister precedent - was set for our brave new world.

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Arab Journalists Protest Shootings as Powell Visits Baghdad

Topic(s): Iraq
Date Posted: 03.19.04


Published: March 19, 2004

AGHDAD, March 19 - Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, making a quick stop in Iraq, acknowledged today that bombing attacks had increased recently and got a taste of the political problems related to the violence when 30 journalists walked out of his news conference to protest the killing of two colleagues.

Mr. Powell's visit, which was unannounced and carried out under extremely tight security, was intended to highlight the progress under way in Iraq on the first anniversary of the start of the war, complementing a week of activities by President Bush and others.

Instead, his major public appearance in the Iraqi capital was jolted by the walkout by a group of Iraqi and Arabic journalists who charged that the occupation by American-led military forces had led to the killing of two journalists from Al Arabiya television network on Thursday.

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One Year Later: Noam Chomsky

Topic(s): Iraq
Date Posted: 03.19.04,12820,1168160,00.html

Noam Chomsky

MIT professor, writer and activist

Tuesday March 16, 2004
The Guardian

There's a lot of focus on the American death toll but personally I think that's partly propaganda exaggeration. Polls have demonstrated time and time again that Americans are willing to accept a high death toll - although they don't like it, they're willing to accept it - if they think it's a just cause.

There's never been anything like the so-called Vietnam Syndrome: it's mostly a fabrication. And in this case too if they thought it was a just cause, the 500 or so deaths would be mourned, but not considered a dominant reason for not continuing. No, the problem is the justice of the cause.

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Spain: A Vote for Honesty

Topic(s): Europe
Date Posted: 03.19.04


[from the April 5, 2004 issue]


It is a maxim of politics that people do not vote on foreign policy. But foreign policy became a domestic issue here on March 11, when the country was shaken by the early morning terrorist strikes on four Madrid commuter trains.

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Mina -- Francesca -- Israeli soldiers open fire on demonstrators

Date Posted: 03.17.04 Israeli soldiers open fire on demonstrators March 14th 2004 Villagers from Nai'lin (west of Ramallah) demonstrated this morning against the construction of Israel?s controversial ?Security wall? on their land. Groups of local people gathered together with members of the... [Continue Reading]

Three Days in Spain

Topic(s): Europe
Date Posted: 03.15.04

By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

  Monday 15 March 2004

  The winds of change are blowing furiously through Spain today, as terrorism and war take center stage for the first time since September 11 as the determining factors in a democratic election.

  It began in horror with the bombing of Spanish commuter trains and the deliberate slaughter of 200 people on Thursday. Thousands more were wounded in the blasts, and the entirety of the nation was hurled into the blackest mourning. The government of Jose Maria Aznar has attempted to connect the bombings to the Basque separatist group ETA, but evidence - including a videotaped claim of responsibility - is pointing towards al Qaeda as the perpetrators.

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Rene -- First They Came for the Shock Jocks

Date Posted: 03.12.04

The Homeland Security Cultural Bureau seems to be at it again! - rg


First They Came for the Shock Jocks

by Ted Rall

March 11, 2004

NEW YORK -- During the Fifties, actors and screenwriters sympathetic to progressive and radical causes found it nearly impossible to get work. Though they couldn't prove it, blackballed Hollywood talent knew why their telephones had stopped ringing. Somewhere behind the scenes, someone powerful, someone who believed that America was composed only of two kinds of people--communists and right-thinking souls like themselves--was working to silence them.

We tell our kids that America learned from McCarthyism, but a new version of the Red Scare is being born in this new century. Powerbrokers connected to what Hillary Clinton clumsily called the "vast right-wing conspiracy"--the Bush-Cheney's neoconservative war profiteers, the Christian Right and their media allies at Fox News and Clear Channel Communications--operate out in the open. Their goal: to crush personalities whose influence and eloquence threatens their plan to recast the United States in their white, heterosexual, pro-business image.

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Rene -- Agamben -- No to Bio-Political Tattooing

Date Posted: 03.12.04

This note circulated in January from Agamben, but for some reason no one submitted or posted it. - rg

No to Bio-Political Tattooing
By Giorgio Agamben
Le Monde

Saturday 10 January 2004

The newspapers leave no doubt: from now on whoever wants to go to
the United States with a visa will be put on file and will have to
leave their fingerprints when they enter the country. Personally, I
have no intention of submitting myself to such procedures and that's
why I didn't wait to cancel the course I was supposed to teach at New
York University in March.

I would like to explain the reasons for this refusal here, that is,
why, in spite of the sympathy that has connected me to my American
colleagues and their students for many years, I consider that this
decision is at once necessary and without appeal and would hope that
it will be shared by other European intellectuals and teachers.

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Rene -- Tariq Ali -- Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine - Ali

Topic(s): Palestine / Israel
Date Posted: 03.12.04

Palestine Chronicle
March 12 2004

Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine - Ali

"The daily suffering of the Palestinians does not excite the liberal
conscience of Europe, guilt-ridden (and for good reason) by its past
inability to .."


1. Anti-semitism is a racist ideology directed against the Jews. It
has old roots.

In his classic work, The Jewish Question, A Marxist Interpretation,
that was published posthumously in France in 1946, the Belgian
Marxist, Abram Leon, (active in the resistance during the Second World
War, he was captured and executed by the Gestapo in 1944) invented the
category of a 'people-class' for the role of the Jews who managed to
preserve their linguistic, ethnic and religious characteristics
through many centuries without becoming assimilated. This was not
unique to the Jews, but could apply just as strongly to many ethnic
minorities: diaspora Armenians, Copts, Chinese merchants in South East
Asia, Muslims in China, etc. The defining characteristic common to
these groups is that they became middlemen in a pre-capitalist world,
resented alike by rich and poor.

Twentieth century anti-semitism, usually instigated from above by
priests (Russia, Poland), politicians/intellectuals (Germany, France
and, after 1938, Italy), big business (USA, Britain), played on the
fears and insecurity of a deprived population. Hence August Bebel's
reference to anti-semitism as 'the socialism of fools'. The roots of
anti-semitism like other forms of racism are social, political,
ideological and economic. The judeocide of the Second World War,
carried out by the political-military-industrial complex of German
imperialism, was one of the worst crimes of the twentieth century, but
not the only one. The Belgian massacres in the Congo had led to
between 10-12 million deaths before the First World War. The
uniqueness of the judeocide was that it took place in Europe (the
heart of Christian civilization) and was carried out systematically---
by Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, French and Italians--- as
if it was the most normal thing in the world. Hence Hannah Arendt's
phrase, 'the banality of evil.' Since the end of the Second World War
popular anti-Semitism of the old variety declined in Western Europe,
restricted largely to remnants of fascist or neo-fascist

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News from Verso -- Laura Flanders Book

Topic(s): Dissent?
Date Posted: 03.12.04

Dear friends,

I am forwarding an email from Laura Flanders, popular radio-talk show host and author of BUSHWOMEN, a book I have been integral in publishing. It was launched on Monday this week and has jumped from nowhere on to an incredible sales ranking of 197 in the last couple of days. If it gets attention from a best-seller ranking on this week, it could really make a splash and affect - in a small but significant way - the election this year. It would be great if you would take a look at Laura's email below, and forward it to anyone you think might be interested.

This book reveals the truth about the women in the Bush administration, about the administration's cynical attempt to win over key swing voters (most of them women) in this year's election, and what's more, it's fun to read! (Check out the rave reviews starting to get posted on amazon.)

Thanks, Niels.

Isn't it about time to blow the whistle on George "W Stands for Women" Bush and his cynical administration?

Right in time for Women's History Month, I'm pleased to announce the publication of BUSHWOMEN: Tales of a Cynical Species , my new book on the women in Bush's cabinet.

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