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Introduction to Continental Drift

New York (Oct. 20-23)
part ii

Invited Guests Include:

Kolya Abramsky, who is working at the Fernand Braudel Institute for world-systems theory in Ithaca, and whom I know from activist circles in Europe, is going to come on Thursday to discuss his paper "Disentangling the Future from the Past: Internationalism, World revolution and World War." It's a long but extremely interesting text and I encourage you to read it. We will then be able to have the discussion that we did not have last time, on the usefulness and limits of the Marxist language (because Kolya is not tied to this kind of language, in fact, he has worked much more with contemporary social movements). We will also no doubt take a further look at the debates over the concepts of Empire and Multitudes. The text is in a PDF at in the Continental Drift section (16 Beaver sesssions), or directly at the address below (please don't hesitate to write me if you have any difficulties downloading it):

Mackenzie Wark, whom many of you know, the author of the Hacker Manifesto and of a thousand great things you can find on the web, is going to develop an extremely interesting idea of his, which is an analysis of the way that the US right wing -- what I would call the hegemony of the military-industrial complex and the fundamentalist Christians -- has created a parallel public sphere of media and institutions, culminating in the mind-pollution of Fox News. This may likely end up a kind of idea-generating session, so bring everything you know about right-wing think tanks, Christian political militancy.

Rozalinda Borcila
1.questions related to visibility -- and (esp in art practice) our assumptions linking visibility 1.questions related to visibility -- and (esp in art practice) our assumptions linking visibility with agency
2. questions related to Eastern Europe -- current debates and the struggle around understandings of the
"left" i will try to bring into our conversation a few possible reference points for further investigation along the above lines. this will not be a formal presentation of finished research , rather (hopefully) a point of departure for a discussion, as well as for future analysis and work together -- if you have ideas, references, perspectives, research you would like to offer, please bring them in -- i will speak only for 30 min and am looking for as much discussion as possible. .

Additional Presentators included Maribelle & Sebastian, Emily Forman, Peter Walsh & Marty Lucas, Richard Gabri & Rene Gabri, Brian Holmes, Jim Costanzo, Claire Pentecost