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The Ground*

About the
Live Stream
The schedule is in NYC time (EST)

Today is our last in this edition of Continental Drift (Sunday Feb. 17, 2008).
We will stream it in its entirety from 1:00pm to at least 6:00pm, possibly longer.

To access the live stream all you have to do is visit using Quicktime.
Once you open QUICKTIME. Go to file and choose "Open URL ..." and paste the following:


You will most likely require an updated version of quicktime to access the stream. Ideally Quicktime 7.0 or later.

We would like to thank open-PLAYER ( and Drazen Pantic for providing us with the streaming server and technical assistance.

*ground as the contradiction and tragic failure of capitalism right now:
--ground rent, for everything that concerns housing
--ground to the bone, for flexible labor
--ground as the earth itself, overheating and poisoned
--ground zero wherever a bomb goes off and people die