16Beaver Group in Weimar & Leipzig

For the duration of the exhibitions in Weimar and Leipzig, 16 Beaver Group will initiate a series of discussions, walks, and projects that attempt to extend and link our activities, conversations, concerns with communities, groups, and individuals who may be interested in engaging and developing further a space of discourse and exchange.

The structure tying together a number of these intitatives will be The Common Project.


1. Introduction
a. "the common project"
b. "get rid of yourself" exhibition

2. Events in Weimar / Leipzig / Mexico City / New York & Elsewhere

3. Projects
A. Counter/Cartographies 
B. 16 Things to be Done
C. 16 Simultaneous Lunches
D. 9.2    16 Conversations: Restaged: a proposal (PL)
. 12.7    - 16 Functional Structures for Open Collectives (a competition)

4. Submitted Lists (the common project)



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